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Yinjinda Film Held Guess -Latern Riddles Activity

From: HENAN YINJINDA NEW MATERIALS CO.,LTD.  Date:2016-02-26 08:18:12  Hits:1300 
       “Throw a lantern show on its 15th day to embrace the first Chinese lunar month”, as song in the ballad, the Lantern Festival came along with the end of Chinese Spring Festival. And it is a traditional custom to get together and guess riddles written on laterns, for fun, for good luck or what. So, as a dynamic company of solidarity who behaves Chinese, Yinjinda Film held the Latern-Riddle Guessing Acitvity of 2016 Latern Festivsl.
        It was a sunny day, spring breeze kissing everyone’s face. At around 8:20 on Feb. 20th, the exciting game showed on, all rushing to the riddles .Some are easy to guess with only one shoot, while some needs to be thoroughly thought about. It’s not only a game depending on individual wit, but a progress calling for staff members’ communication and cooperation. 

The staff activity was simply decorated, warm and cozy.

Bingo! Give me the prize!

This one is a bit difficult, give me one more second.

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