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In 2019, the growth of China's film production capacity slows down, and new production continues

From: HENAN YINJINDA NEW MATERIALS CO.,LTD.  Date:2020-02-07 14:59:34  Hits:52 
China Defu plastic net news:
    According to the analysis of Zhuo Chuang information, the capacity of China's plastic film industry continues to expand, with the regional distribution mainly in East China, South China and North China.
Film production increased by 2.07%
    Zhuo Chuang estimates that China's plastic film production will be about 14.78 million tons in 2019, an increase of 300000 tons or 2.07% over 2018. According to the products, the output of BOPP, tape master roll, agricultural film and CPP decreased slightly, the output of agricultural film was basically the same as that in 2018, and the output of BOPA and PE film increased in 2019. In the next five years, the supply of China's plastic film industry will continue to increase, but the growth rate will slow down; downstream demand will increase correspondingly, but the situation of oversupply will continue.
Production capacity growth slows down and new production continues
    In terms of production capacity, China's plastic film products are increasing year by year. With the appearance of industry oversupply, the growth rate of production capacity has slowed down in recent years, but the phenomenon of continuous new production still exists.
    Taking BOPP as an example, in 2019, the capacity of China's BOPP industry reached 6.3475 million tons, an increase of 23000 tons compared with 2018, and an increase of 3.6666 million tons compared with 2009. In the past decade, the capacity of China's BOPP industry has doubled.
The operating load rate of BOPET and BOPA industries increased significantly
    In terms of industry operating load rate, there is a large gap between various products of plastic film in China, but the overall trend is declining.In 2019, the bright products are BOPET and BOPA, the industry's operating load rate has increased significantly, and other products have not improved significantly.The reason for the sharp increase in the operating load rate of the BOPA industry in 2019 is that the new production lines in 2018 are put into normal production in 2019, and the operating load rate has been greatly increased in previous years.
    BOPET is driven by the increase of industry profitability and the improvement of the overall operation index of the industry.
    In terms of price, except that BOPA operates at a price of more than 20000 yuan / ton, other products operate at 9000-13500 yuan / ton. There is no obvious uniform law for product price fluctuation, and it is adjusted in time according to its own basic situation and raw material price
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